More stripes…a pregnancy thing?

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Dress from Pinkblush

Being stylish while pregnant is hard, I’ll be the first to admit that. Half the time I’m wearing my husband’s clothes and sitting on the couch; the other half of the time I’m in a dress with my hair and makeup done, going somewhere. There just isn’t really a happy medium with me right now. That partly has to do with the fact that I don’t have a lot of casual maternity clothes (like shorts/tshirts). Plus, dresses are just honestly more comfortable right now – they don’t press on anything! I don’t know what it is about maternity clothes and stripes…but hey, they go well with a lot of things, so I’m not complaining! Just when I got a chance to wear this gorgeous jacket out, the weather decided to start getting warm…though I could still use it for those highly air-conditioned buildings we all have to deal with in the summer. I honestly have a hard time sitting through a meal in an air conditioned restaurant without a jacket. Just me? Ok. Well, I tend to run cold in general, so maybe that’s my norm.


Sandals from Madeline Stuart, similar here. Jacket from Blank NYC, current style is here (VERY similar to the one I have).

Anyway, this jacket. It’s actually fairly heavy for being faux leather, which gives it a very authentic feel. Have you ever put on a real leather jacket? It has to be like 50 pounds. I probably wouldn’t even want real leather at this point – who wants to carry around all that extra weight? This jacket is the perfect color for spring. Perfect weight for inside a freezing, air-conditioned restaurant. You definitely won’t want to wear it outside at this point, but it compliments so many outfits that you’ll want to bring it with you just to wear in the restaurant (or other highly air-conditioned building). As much as I love the warm weather, I almost wish it would stay a little cooler for a little longer so I can wear this out more.

The dress is from Pinkblush, and as usual its slightly loose on me. You can’t tell this from the angle of these photos but it was actually noticeably loose, especially on my upper body…maybe that’s because I’m so small. Those of you who know Pinkblush know that they don’t have a size XS, so I always have to go with the size S. The wrap dresses from them fit me perfectly, but for some reason this one was slightly large. I did get it pre-owned though, so its possible it is a little stretched out/worn from the old owner. Little girl is due in less than 3 weeks so I won’t be buying any more maternity clothes. Guess I’ll never know! I always recommend checking measurements on clothes online before you buy.



My wonderful husband took these photos for me. He takes most of the photos for my blog/instagram, but that’s a story for another time. You can also see from this close up that my brows are different than usual…that’s because my mom did them. Yeah, that’s right – I let my mom mess with my eyebrows. I really do trust her opinion on a lot of things. I definitely agree that this product matches my natural hair color better than the pencil I was using, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the shape, so I think I’ll do that myself next time. Besides that though, I’ll be using Wunderbrow for the foreseeable future. I’m definitely not getting paid to say this, I just think it’s that amazing. You can leave it on and it stays put for three days! It’s waterproof and it does not budge until you want it to. Just want to share because it has seriously saved me so much time in the mornings! I don’t put make up on every day, but I try to at least have my eyebrows darkened so you can tell they’re there (you other blonde ladies know what I mean).

Enjoying every moment,


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