Baby-moon weekend getaway!

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Finally I can share the details of our baby-moon weekend! Just so you all know, this was an extremely generous gift from my amazing sister; we wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. After hearing my complaints about never getting a break or much alone time with Tim, she decided (out of the kindness of her huge heart) to give us a two-night stay at the King’s Cottage Bed & Breakfast! This was her baby shower gift to us and probably the best thing I could have received at the moment. I’ve really been feeling overwhelmed and Tim and I just never seemed to get a moment to relax together. We tried to have a weekend alone the week before the baby shower, but he ended up having to work on both Saturday and Sunday…so that didn’t work out too well. Just wanted to give an extremely grateful shout-out to her before we get underway. Now for the details!















I haven’t been to a bed & breakfast in such a long time that I completely forgot what it’s like! Tim has never been to a B&B, so this was a perfect first experience for him. My sister got some kind of special package that included a rose petal bath (pictured above), which was ready for me when we got back from dinner the first night! Also included in the special package were these gorgeous chocolate covered strawberries, along with some local chocolates and a cheese plate with crackers and grapes. Everything is local!


Pictured above is our room – the “King’s Room”. This is the original master bath in the house (which is historic). The bathroom for the King’s Room is across the hall and is also part of the original master suite of the house. It features the huge 6 foot cast-iron tub pictured above with the rose petal bath. Since it’s 6 feet, I could actually stretch out! I didn’t have to choose whether to have my knees in the water or my shoulders, because I could have both! Our hosts (Ann & Janis) are both absolutely wonderful and do a great job of caring for the guests. I wish I thought to get pictures of the food because they prepared absolutely beautiful and delicious breakfasts for the guests every morning! Breakfast was served between 8:30 and 9:30, which meant that Tim and I did have to get up a little earlier than we wanted to, but we just went back to the room to relax a little after breakfast instead of heading straight out on the town.  The King’s Cottage is located in Lancaster, PA – just under an hour from where we’re living right now, which made it a perfect place for us to get away with me being already 34 weeks pregnant! They have several different gorgeous rooms in the house, as well as a carriage house for 2 (ideal for honeymoons). I enjoyed the community breakfasts together in the formal dining room because it gave us a chance to meet some other wonderful people and have good conversation while we ate. We met an interesting couple from NJ who we had some great conversations with about family and raising children! The wife is also a labor & delivery nurse and we got to talk about pregnancy and delivery quite a bit. Being pregnant definitely opens up more conversations with people.


The tea room, where tea and snacks are served in the afternoon.

I honestly can’t think of anything that would make this place better! They even have wi-fi and (small) TV’s in every room. They were very accommodating and helpful and gave suggestions for everyone as to where they could go during the day. We spent most of our day on Saturday at Kitchen Kettle Village, which is a cute little “village” of shops near Lancaster. They even gave us some coupons to several of the shops there! We ended up with so many goodies and gifts for friends that we barely had room in the little mini-fridge downstairs to hold it all.























We also made a stop into the American Military Edged Weaponry Museum, which is one of the largest collections of its type in the country! This might not be interesting to all of you, but to anyone who’s interested in edged weaponry, history, and American military, it’s definitely worth the $5 entry fee to check it out. We talked to the owner (who runs the museum with his wife) and he said it took him around 74 years to accumulate the collection he has on display!


Needless to say, we loved our stay at the King’s Cottage and highly recommend it to anyone else in the area (or not) who need to get away. It’s cute, cozy and comfortable. What more could you ask for? It’s also conveniently located out of the city, yet close enough to a variety of attractions for you to spend your time at during the day. If you’re interested in finding more about the house, rooms available, or booking a stay, their website can be found here. I also want you all to know that this is not sponsored in any way, I’m simply giving my honest opinion. I want my readers to trust that I will always do my best to give honest opinions and never be deceptive just to make a buck. This place is seriously amazing and worth checking out!

Thankful for rest,



  1. May 5, 2018 / 10:11 pm

    Beautiful pics from a well-deserved break. Thanks for capturing the experience and sharing it with us! 😊

    • gracefullifehq
      May 5, 2018 / 11:30 pm

      Thank you Josiah! I appreciate you stopping by to take a look. Wishing you a restful weekend!

        • gracefullifehq
          May 6, 2018 / 1:29 am

          Thank you!

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