The Holmes family’s first baby shower!

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Whoa! This past weekend was just so crazy and wonderful and I have been so excited to share it all with you guys. My baby shower was absolutely beautiful and I have so many amazing people to thank for it! Absolutely everything in this picture was home-made (minus the macaroons, chocolate cake, and flowers). First of all, I have to give a huge round of applause to my mother and sister. They somehow planned and carried out a gorgeous, tea-party-themed baby shower for me from down in FL! They came up the day before the shower and put all of this together in just 24 hours, with the help of my grandmother and aunt. The scones have berries in them and are topped with a white chocolate glaze. There were also several different kind of tea sandwiches, although the most popular were my grandmother’s cream cheese cucumber sandwiches (I wish there were left-overs…and that you all could try them. Leave a comment if you would like the recipe). My aunt made the lemon blueberry muffins and the chocolate chip cookies, and my mom and sister did everything else! How talented are these women?? On top of everything else, my sister also photographed the whole thing! (These photos are all hers and you can find her travel-themed blog here).




How cute are those little candy pacifiers they made? I think my mom found the idea on Pinterest. They’re just Life-savers mints and Mike & Ike’s held together with melted white chocolate! We got so many compliments on them. My favorite part of the decor was the adorable balloon clouds with the pink and purple rain drops! I only wish I had a separate room for a nursery, because these would totally be in it right now. They had mix-matched tea pots on each table for decoration and some super cute onesies hanging on a little “clothes-line” above the tables. The tablecloths are actually the same ones we used for my wedding reception (Yay for recycling haha), although we are planning to donate them to the church. Speaking of church, that’s where the shower was held! There is a reception hall in the basement of one of the buildings on the church property and they let us use it for free! I had probably around 40 people show up and received so many wonderful gifts! The majority of the time was spent opening the gifts – which I absolutely hate doing in front of people, by the way.












The dream team, L-R: Grandmom, my sister Aleena, me, and my mom.

We only played a few games, one of which was the one where you measure a piece of ribbon for how big you think mom’s belling is. Guess who won that game? A friend of ours who is blind! She hugged me and that’s all she needed to guess almost exactly the length around my belly. Talk about amazing. We played one other game where you have to think up words that correspond with babies or pregnancy for each first letter in the words baby shower, but I don’t remember who won that. After the shower, Aleena and I went out to eat with my husband Tim, my friend Jenna (who drove all the way from Boston for the shower) and some other friends of ours. She also took a few photos for me and we had a fun little photo-shoot! Here are some of the photos from that.



Dress from Pinkblush, found here.












Necklace here. Use code MADELINE25 for 25% off!















I hit 33 weeks of pregnancy today and finally sorted everything from the shower this weekend! I got almost everything I need and we are so excited to welcome our little girl into the world in just a few short weeks.

Loving the journey,


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