How I handle the long hair struggles

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I always wanted long hair. From my childhood years up through most of high school, my mom always cut my hair very short. By that, I mean it generally fell just below my cheekbones after she had freshly cut it. I used to cry when she cut my hair because I thought it made me look like a boy (although she assured me it looked good on my “round face”).

Since then, my face has slimmed out quite a bit and I have had longer hair for several years. I’ve done everything from bangs to layers and now have a better idea of what I want my hair to look like. You’ll also be able to tell from these photos that I have some highlights that are growing out (my roots are naturally a more golden shade of blonde). I plan to refresh those highlights after I have my baby.


My hair is very fine. In fact, natural blondes will often have finer hair than brunettes due to the fact that the hair shaft itself is actually thinner. In order to help this, I usually use a combination of volumizing shampoo and conditioner (currently using this shampoo & conditioner combo) and a leave in conditioner to keep it from tangling and breaking. My favorite leave in by FAR is this, although I use often switch between the lite or blonde versions for my hair (found here and here). The lite version is better for finer hair, and I like using the blonde version in summer to help bring out natural highlights.


Something else I do on the regular is trimming split ends. There’s a video by Guy Tang (a professional hair artist) here on several ways to do this yourself. Invest in a good pair of hair scissors! Do not try to trim your hair or split ends with regular scissors of any kind as that will just add to the damage. My family thinks I’m obsessive over my split ends – is that a thing? They’re just such a nuisance, especially if you have hair that is long & fine. You can buy the exact scissors I have here. They’re only $12 and I’ve had no complaints with them so far. I also try not to over-brush my hair, as that can lead to even more split ends. Usually once a day is enough for me as long as I’m not outside in the wind. Oh, and don’t brush your hair when it’s wet! Get a wide-toothed comb and only comb through it carefully after you’ve used de-tangler or a leave-in product like the one I mentioned above (which also de-tangles, by the way).


The last thing I will mention is sleeping habits. For those of you with shoulder length hair or longer (like mine) I really recommend braiding it loosely before bed. This helps me wake up with hair that’s not a tangled mess and keeps it from getting in my face all night. (I actually had one night where I didn’t do this and woke up with it wrapped around my neck!). I also recommend investing in a silk or satin pillowcase, as this disturbs the hairs less and creates less friction (and therefore less damage) to your hair while you sleep. The one I have in the picture above is 100% silk, but I’ll be ordering a satin one soon because I think those are even better. With all the trouble that it is to have long hair, I couldn’t possibly give it up. I love having long hair and am hoping to grow it out to the length I had during my senior year of high school (it was down to the waistband of my pants).

Let me know what your tips are for dealing with long hair! What do you do to keep from getting split ends in the first place?

Good luck my long-haired beauties,



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