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Doterra facial products

One of my go-to companies for all things health and beauty is DoTERRA.  This company is mostly known for its high quality and 100% pure essential oils, but they have recently expanded their product inventory!  They now have several skin care collections, a household cleaner, toothpaste, laundry detergent, and even their own line of dietary supplements; all of which are all-natural and chemical free.  Since we’re discussing skin care products, however, I’ll stick to that.  I’m one of those people who’s pretty much tried it all – expensive brands down to random drugstore products.  My skin (and hair) seem to like when I switch up the products I use every once in a while, which is annoying when I find something I really like.  Luckily, DoTERRA has several different skincare lines for me to rotate through when my skin decides it needs something slightly different.  When I was in High school and college, I had the typical oily, troubled skin with constant breakouts.  I found the HD Clear line was extremely helpful for my skin during this time.  This is the skincare line that I actually like the least from DoTERRA, but I  have to admit that it helped my troubled skin.  I am currently using a combination of their (NEW) Essential skincare line and their Verage skincare line.  I love the Verage cleanser and moisturizer, just haven’t had a chance to try the essential versions.  I did recently order the essential pore reducing toner and absolutely love it! I use all three products every night before bed.  They smell amazing, are all natural, and make my skin so soft and healthy; even my husband tells me how soft my face is! I have no complaints and look forward to trying the rest of the products in their new line as well.  You can find all of their skincare lines (as well as their other amazing products) by going here and clicking the “shop” tab at the top of the page!  If you are looking for baby-safe products, or products that are safe to use during pregnancy, these are great; No chemicals or anything harmful! Please send me a message through the “contact me” tab if you would like to join DoTERRA and have access to all of their products at the wholesale price (vs retail).

As for facial masks, this Aztec Secret Indian healing clay mask (find it here) is one of my favorites. DoTERRA has a wonderful mud mask that I use sometimes as well, but I really enjoy the way this one makes my skin feel.

maskandbabycreamI do this mask about once a week so that I don’t irritate my skin.  It’s also good to now that you do have to mix this yourself (it comes as a powder) but you just add a little water and mix till it’s the right consistency. I didn’t know this when I bought it and was a little confused to see powder when I opened the jar.  It’s not hard to do though and only takes a second to mix up.  I usually do this the one day that I take a hot bath to soothe my growing lower back pain.  By the time I get out of the bath I can just rinse it off and follow with my DoTERRA toner and moisturizer! (I leave it on for about 20 minutes).

The last skincare product I use on the regular (or at least since I’ve been pregnant) is the organic belly balm from Honest Co.! I will say that this stuff DOES leave a bit of a residue after you rub it in, but it is nothing unpleasant (although my husband would disagree).  I don’t mind it because of how wonderful it feels.  I use this all over my belly and thighs every time I get out of the shower (which could be part of the reason it doesn’t seem to completely rub in right away).  It’s worth it though; this stuff is amazing!  It leaves my skin moisturized and feeling toned at the same time.  I still have three months (and probably the most growing at once) to go, but so far I have not noticed any stretch marks! I will also occasionally use this on my breasts, since they have been growing and the skin is sometimes sore and stretched feeling.  Honest Co. is also well known for being all-natural and having safe baby and pregnancy products that work! You can find the belly balm here.

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    I will for sure be checking this brand out!

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