What’s it like to be a Triplet?


I often get asked questions about growing up as a triplet.  People wonder what it was like and whether or not I enjoyed it.  I don’t know why its usually assumed that the more siblings you have, the worse it gets…I’ll never get tired of the surprise on people’s faces when I tell them that I loved it! 

Yes, we fought and disagreed as much as any other family, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Having more than one sibling the same age as you is wonderful because you have two best friends there with you all the time!  You never have to search for someone to sit with or someone to talk to and you never have to worry about looking like a loner (this was one I was really thankful for when we took classes at a home-school co-op).  While I know some kids don’t have this experience with their siblings, we got along well enough that we were pretty much always got over things and stuck up for each-other.  I can definitely think back on times where we didn’t want to be anywhere near each-other, but the truth is that we were pretty much best friends.  This may have been partly the consequence of being in a military family, traveling/moving a lot, and being home-schooled.  We basically never got away from each-other!

There’s definitely a cool factor to being able to say that you’re a triplet.  I talk a little bit about how we “came to be” here.  Which is an amazing story in and of itself.  I look up to my parents for a lot of reasons, but especially for raising us the way that they did. Let’s be honest, my mom is basically super woman.  She home-schooled all three of us all the way through high school! My sister and I were closer in middle school and then my brother and I got closer in high school, although now that we have all sort of gone our separate ways I would say that we’re closer than ever.

Sharing is the real deal. This is something you learn right off the bat when you’re a triplet (or really when you have more than 1 sibling).  Anyone who has a lot of siblings knows that sharing is something you simply have to learn.  It’s the things that you have to share that are different when you’re a triplet.  When you have multiple siblings, you have to share things like food, toys, and your parents’ time.  When you’re a triplet, you share those things on top of other types of things.  Since you’re all the same age, you tend to share things like a car, friends, or (like my siblings and I did until sophomore or junior year of high school) a cell phone. Sharing a car sucks, and sharing friends sucks even more, but having to share a cell phone between three people is tough! I had to go to China to have the privilege of having the phone to myself for 2 weeks… And this wasn’t a smart phone like most of us have today – it was just a simple slider phone with keys so small you had to have baby hands to use it.

Something else that affected our life together growing up is the fact that we were part of a military family (go Navy!). Moving every couple years really makes it tough to keep friends around, which is part of the reason we were so close.  My family is extremely tight-knit because no matter where we moved to how how often we left a “home” to move to another one, the one thing that stayed constant was family.  My were always there for each-other, no matter what.

I’m not going to pretend it was perfect.  Like I said, we fought like other siblings and had as many disagreements as other families.  There were times I was so angry at my sister or brother I thought I never wanted to see them again.  Maybe its my parents I have to thank, but we always eventually worked it out and forgave each-other.  Despite having some struggles that a lot of siblings don’t, we really ended up ok. No, we can’t read each-other’s minds, and no, we don’t feel pain if one of our siblings is injured; but we are definitely closer than most siblings because of the way we grew up.  We were (and still are) each-other’s best friends.  Not because we didn’t have any friends growing up, but because we knew each-other better than anyone else.  It was a huge blessing to be a triplet and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  Now that we’re grown up I can just say that I’m so proud of them.  Both my brother and my sister are so incredibly talented and are doing wonderful things with their lives. My sister is an amazing artist and massage therapist and my brother is about to graduate college and is an established pop artist on spotify/itunes/google music (search Jared Grace if you want to check him out).

I am especially appreciative of them and of my parents now that I’m married and don’t see them very often.  It’s sad that you don’t realize how much you have to be thankful for until so much later.  One thing I would tell myself if I could go back in time would be to be thankful for those in my life who truly love me, no matter how I felt about them at the time.

Hooray for siblings,



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    Nice article 😉

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